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Tuesday, April 27, 2004



ACARO - based in Borama, ACARO was organized through the efforts of students from Amoud University. ACARO works in educating young men and women on the dangers of HIV/AIDS. ACARO also works to harness the potentials and leadership skills of young leaders by directly involving in leadership activities training the youth on leadership values and skills.

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Moonlight NGO - is the only all girls organization in the country. Moonlight members, being an all women organization works on improving their skills and potentials as women leaders. They are active in participating in discussion groups and organizing literacy activities.

SAYS - a group of active young men and women publishes their own newsletter distributed to the reading population of Borama. SAYS work to enhance the role of the youth by putting forward the youth's voice in various issues affecting the youth.

Amoud University - Student Committee

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Sunday, April 25, 2004


Somaliland Youth Society (SYS) - is one of the leading organizations campaigning against the use of Khat among Somaliland youth. SYS is active in promoting literacy among the youth by awarding scholarships to deserving primary school graduates. Collecting contributions from various sectors SYS manages to continue this program.

Somaliland Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO) - SOYVO's dream is to have a united Burao. This organization promotes peace building activities among the young population of Buro by supporting young boys to play football. Regular tournaments are held among different football teams in the region.

SOYVO also actively educates young people on issues related to HIV/AIDS. Leaders of SOYVO have actively participated in Life SKills Training conducted by UNICEF, lessons learned in this training are re-echoed to their peers in the region.

SOYVO is also one of the few organizations working to improve the situation of prisoners in Burao prison. The amoung of juvenile prisoners is alarming, SOYVO hopes to assist these young prisoners by providing l volunteers to teach literacy classes in prisons.

SOYVO also acts as SONYO's Regional Secretariat, due to its proximity to other SONYO members in the Eastern Region in the country, SOYVO manages to coordinate and communicate with youth leaders from Sool and Sanaag.
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SONYO youth umbrella is a membership-based coalition of 32 organizations from Hargeisa, Awdal, Togdheer, Sahil, Sool and Sanaag regions of Somaliland. It takes its identity as an umbrella with members coming from youth local non-governmental organizations, associations, community based organizations, student committees in universities, educational institutes, colleges and secondary schools.

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